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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Julie & Julia" is a wonderful mix of laughter and inspiration

Most days when I have an order to fill or flowers to make, I sit in the front room and browse through our Netflix (which I admit, I simply ADORE!)  I have a tendancy to watch things that other people in my family (ok my husband) don't neccessarily like to watch.  I have a broad range of movies I enjoy and even more that I don't. 

Today I selected the movie "Julie & Julia".  I thought this would be your typical girly movie, but found myself plesantly suprised and wrong.  I find these characters calling to me like long lost sisters.  Showing me to be myself with no regrets.  Something I admit I am terrible at anymore.  I also was inspired to allow my blog be about me, with no exceptions.  I don't want to limit myself or say "Don't write about that" just because it isn't about Etsy, or my shop or even someone elses.  Who cares?  That is truly why my blog posts are few and far between.  Too often I think of something to write, only to tell myself it's not good enough or that nobody wants to read that.  Who cares?

So who cares if I talk about the movie I watched today, or my terrible attempts at taming my cluttered house?  The world won't end, and while my blog may not be cohesive, I am hoping it's entertaining. 

Dream big my friends.  Life is too short to waste your time worrying about what others think about you.  Find your niche, put your hooks into it and ride it as hard as you can.

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