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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A few Etsy Selling tips

As things come to light, I feel I should fill others in on my new found knowledge.  Today, I am talking about trading with fellow Etsy sellers.  I have had a few times now, that I have been truly disappointed by either the item or the customer service from fellow sellers.  Most of my experience with my fellow sellers stems from trading, but that shouldn't give them free reign to simply be thoughtless.  After dealing with some sellers, I think "How do you continue to have customers?"
I will NOT ever call anyone out on this blog, but I will anonymously point out their screw ups.  These are things are very important when it comes to the way your customers view you and your products.  After all, don't we want repeat business?

The first no no I have learned is that some people intentionally misrepresent their product.  I have seen jewelry that are marketed as if they are for adult women, and then when I get the item it's not even close to being like "real jewelry".  Women don't want a bunch of plastic baubles.  We want at least glass.  It's true!  Besides, crystals and glass beads don't really cost that much, but makes your item beautiful.  What was even worse, was when I traded for a necklace I thought would be perfect for a family member.  When the necklace showed up, I thought it looked awfully small... so I marched into the bathroom to try it on.  This necklace which in the photos gave the impression it came down to rest on your chest was a choker on me!  I am by no means a huge girl or anything either.  It was disheartening to say the least.  I now look for measurements or an object in the picture that gives me an idea of the size of the item.  If I see neither, then I move on.

My next pet peeve is not answering convos.  If you don't want what I have, then please take 5 seconds to say "I don't see anything at this time." and move on with your day.  Simple.  Because if you don't?  I won't come back to your store and buy it.  I will find someone else.  Period.

Here is another biggie.  Not shipping out in a reasonable amount of time.  See, I am a very mellow person.  If you say, "Hey, I don't quite have money to ship it right now.  Can I do it in two weeks?"  I will say "Sure!" No problem! (at least with trades, if I buy it, I wanted it yesterday ;)  )  But if we trade, and I send my item out and you receive yours and you haven't even mailed yours then you have screwed up.  It should NEVER take you that long to ship and you haven't at least said something.  One little convo can be a big thing.  I like to trade with a store before I buy just to make sure I am going to be getting my moneys worth.  If you don't put in the time for me, you won't be seeing me again....

English.  This is a little hard for me here because I can see both sides.  BUT, Etsy is an English speaking site.  Yes?  So, to me, it seems if you want to sell on there it would probably be imperative that you have a decent grasp of the language so that you can communicate with buyers.  Answer questions about your item and what not.  So if I send you a convo and I have no idea what the heck you are saying when you reply, I move on.  Sorry, but it's sadly true.  Typos aren't a big deal if you aren't making them every sentence.  It's when there is a lot of writing and you aren't making any sense I move to the next seller.

Above all, be honest, and upfront with your customers.  Make sure everything is in order when they see your items, first impressions are big.  So don't blow it!  If you do screw up, don't let it get you down.  Remember it and learn from it.  Above all, don't make the same mistake twice.

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