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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life Lessons and Keeping Focused

So it seems that life has recently wanted to teach me a few things.  One of which is that I am extremely scatter-brained and I hardly ever keep focused on one thing at a time.  Sound like you?  Here is what I have learned lately and what I am doing to improve myself.

Working too hard doesn't mean you get a lot done.  It seems when I am working so hard that I feel like I am going to drop, I end up feeling as though I need a few days to recoup.  Not good!  it doesn't matter if you are talking about cleaning house, running a business, or whatever you are into.  Hitting it hard doesn't make you more focused.  You should work smarter, not harder.  Remember that saying.  It's especially true today!  Keep a nice steady momentum and keep pace.  If you can't maintain that pace, then slow down.  Nobody ever said life is a race.  Do you really want to be the first one at the end?

Take care of yourself.  What do you like to do?  It doesn't matter if you like to read, play computer games, or watch the birds.  Make sure you take time to do those things often.  You should at least allow yourself 45 minutes of me time.  Daily would be awesome.  Tell yourself, "I am doing this just for me."  It really seems to boost the confidence and makes it easier to hold your head high.

What are some things you do for you?  Let us know in the comments below!

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