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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lucky Nola provides a muse to redecorate

Recently I was able to get my hands on some great items from Lucky Nola, also known as noempire on Etsy.  Once I saw her unique gifts and home decor I was instantly trying to decide, "Am I going to give this as a gift, or be greedy and keep it for myself?" In the end I decided on both. :)
The first thing I really enjoyed was this cute butterfly wall hanging.
The price on this inspiring butterfly was $14.  It's heavy and solid, definitely well made.  Each impression is unique yet complimentary to each other.  This and another item I recieved from her have inspired me to redecorate the kitchen.  Now to just get the hubby on board! Here are my pics of the two items that have become my muse of redecoration.

I really love the color and while they are different they still seem to match.  Now I am hell bent on painting SOME room a chocolate brown, just because I adore these two so much!  Maybe I will paint my craft room...
The other items from Lucky Nola are going to be the gift for a family member.  I honestly considered keeping these to myself as well, but thought "Come on Krystal.  You have been greedy enough!"  So I am putting these darlings to the side in my gift stash. (Maybe minus one or two!)
The original listing was for these four:
These were called "Zen and the Art of Butterflies" a set of 4 gift tags/ornaments for a price of $19.  Since she loves me, I recieved a few extra.  Here is my pic.
I must say I am quite impressed!  It's apparent that time and love are put into each item.  Every knot, and hole is well placed and carefully tended.  I have been bragging on these items since I unwrapped them.  I definitely reccomend these to everyone I know.  Swing by to get a glimpse of what she has available right now.  I bet you can find a great gift for someone on your shopping list this holiday season.

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